North East Coast

The sky was cloudy, otherwise, the day appeared to start off being within the normal realm of things. Kay had a good night’s sleep, heard the alarm with the first buzzer, made the bed, took a shower and still made it to the airport on time for her early morning flight; Naples, FL to Bal Harbour, ME. It was an eleven-passenger seater. Kay preferred the smaller planes as they have far less drama. Most professionals prefer the smaller ones for the same reason.

The ride was very smooth and quiet. After a couple of hours, you could see the thrashing of the Atlantic Ocean against the many boulders that lined the city with the ocean. They were all elated to get there without incident. All of a sudden, they were in the middle of a thunderous storm; rain beating against the plane and wind nearly flipping it sideways.” “This is the Captain. I have an emergency message!” scream woman

All ears came to attention. A few maddening screams from two overwhelmed women were heard. The screaming women were sitting directly to the front of Kay, an older woman who always drank too much. Their screams were more nerve-wracking than the Captain’s announcement! “PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! stop the screaming! I have an important life-saving message for each of you!” Kay sat back into her seat without saying what she had intended to say to the two screaming women.

The Captain said due to the storm, they would have to bend over and hold on to our seat. When Kay felt the bulky hands of the overweight gentleman sitting next to her, (no, he man on planewas not a gentleman), on her behind, she yelled at him, “Hey jerk, get your hands off my ass!  The captain means our seat where we were seated.” That jerk said, “So sorry lady, but I cannot reach that far behind my seat, so would you reverse places with me?” “Kay said, “in your dream!”

Kay told that Captain, “Just hang on with your announcement as this overweight man next to me needs to go slap the crap out of those two women, so they will be stunned enough to stop screaming.” The overweight man said, “Hang on young lady, I’m not going to slap anyone.” Kay replied, “Well then, I will just have to slap the crap out of you. They have to stop acting as if we are going to crash and die.”man hits woman Kay didn’t think he wanted to mess with her any more than he already had, so he continued into the aisle. The women were dumbfounded and stopped screaming. Too bad he had never heard of the 5th amendment.

The Captain then continued with his message, “All the controls are in locked mode. All communications are out. We are 42 miles from the airport with only enough petrol for 30 miles to get us to where we will be safe. The headwind is pushing so hard that we can’t make any headway. It appears we will have to crash land.” The screaming started again! Kay took another swig from her bottle of Jack Daniels. Not everyone could hear all the Captain had to say.

Kay had a rather odd feeling about what was going to happen. She was not alarmed at all. If this was the end; then it was to be.

Suddenly, Kay, the older woman who was about half looped, jumped to her feet and yelled for everyone to have an alcoholic drink! It will help ease the thud of the landing. The Captain asked her to sit and please be quiet.

Quietly, a rather tall man, near the front, stood with a slight bend, almost as if in pain, spoke very softly and slowly. His collar was white with a white cloak. He had the appearance of ‘a man of God’. He had every one’s attention. He said, “None of us know why catastrophes happen. This is not a catastrophe and most likely will not be. It is only a problem at the moment. I am sure that all of you are reliving parts of your life.

Loved ones, friends and incidents are passing through your mind in utter confusion. Some are castigating themselves for things undone or statements made. Kay interrupted the cloaked man by saying, “I sure wish I had told the screamers what I started to. Do you mind if I do now?”  The white cloaked man paid her no attention and continued on with, “May I suggest that we all look at life from an unusual perspective at this time.” He seemed at ease and very peaceful.

Kay was thinking, “I have been on this flight many times with many different pilots. This one seems to be somewhat rattled more than most”. Panic struck at the heart of everyone! Kay felt the need for another swig from her bottle. 

Everyone straightened up and stared toward the flight deck. The cloaked man continued, however, he sounded like the Captain’s voice. “I tell you this because I will be making some odd maneuvers as I look for a hole in this storm. Our best bet is to find the coast and visually follow it to the nearest airport. I will leave the door open so you can talk to me, as you get disoriented in a storm at night and I will be concentrating, so try to keep your comments to a minimum.” Kay knew something was different because now the white cloaked man was the pilot.

“I would like for each of you to listen to me and think of nothing else except what I am saying.”

He had everyone’s attention. “What if this plane never came back to earth? What if we kept going up and up and landed on another planet? How would we survive? Let us get to know each other and find out how we would fare. He pointed to a man and asked his name and his talent.” I’m Jim, a roofer,” “Wonderful”, said the Padre. We can use you, to keep the sun or weather off us.”  “By the way, they call me, Padre Didit.” Kay wondered who ’they’ might be. “And the lady back there, your name please.” “Sunie, I’m a McDonald’s chef.” “ We are doing well,” said the Padre, “and how about you as he picked out an-older-gentlemen”. “Bill, I am in banking. I work at McDonald’s drive thru. You can’t get the food without paying me first.”

And so, it went until all eleven passengers had presented their credentials. Padre Didit rubbed his hands together. We have skills enough on this plane to start a country. Our forefathers did it with a lot less.”

The tension lessened when suddenly a searchlight beam shot through the storm just forward of the plane. The pilot shouted, “We don’t know where we are but our friends ‘above’ know where we are.” “I believe that is the light at the tip of the Merrimac River or the light at the end of the tunnel. If it empties into the Atlantic. I am going to drop down and circle until we see the coast.”

“There it is!” squealed a lady who was sitting near the Padre. She grabbed at the Padre. She had been nipping some of Kay’s Jack Daniels whiskey .

The plane was full of smiles as the Captain turned south following the coast. Everybody was talking to their fellow passengers as if we had known each other for a lifetime. And we had.

The runway nearest the coast had been reserved for us.  With touchdown, angelic voices rang out!

We chatted as we made our way to the exit. No one had given his last name and yet for a while we were a close-knit family.  Kay, being the last passenger off the plane accidently unlocked her suitcase as she handed her case to ER, the person waiting for her. At tmed jack danielshat time a half-empty Jack Daniels bottle rolled out of the suitcase and across the tarmac.  Nobody made a move to save the bottle of Jack Daniels. ER kept walking as if he had not seen a thing.

After waiting for some time for the Captain and Padre Didit to come off the  plane, it was apparent to everyone that the captain and the white cloaked man were not on that plane but were apparitions getting themselves ready for another journey for some passengers on another flight.

The best pilot ever had brought us closer to make it the best day on this planet! There will be no fallen rose petals on this plane today.


Fiction Author: C.G.Rose         1383 Words



Who’s your Daddy?

As a young boy, Howard McFadden always dreamed of being in the Army, just as his father and grandfather. Howard’s family traveled with his parents to many countries, but Howard wanted to return to the United States so he could be in his high school ROTC program and continue on to West Point. After four years of studying, he went into the Army following his father and grandfather. Howard was living his dream. He hoped to get in thirty years so he would have a nice retirement for his future.

On his first leave home, Howard met the love of his life, June Blevens, at a 4th of July party. They could not keep their eyes off each other. They promised to keep in touch when he had to return to base. The many letters written by each deepened their love for each other.

After nearly a year before another leave could be attained, Howard and June decided they wanted to be wed. With not much time for his leave, they decided to marry in June’s church with only family in attendance. After a three-day honeymoon, Howard had to return to duty. June continued to live with her parents until she could find a small place to set-up housekeeping.sweet love letters for him tumblr

Howard and June McFadden wanted to start a family before his next tour of duty in the Army would be over. When they had been married for five years and still no baby, they consulted the help of a specialist and found that Howard had a very low sperm count. It seemed adoption was the answer to having a family.

After much talk of adopting, June agreed to find the necessary resources that she and Howard would have to have in place when he returned home from his third tour.  They were hoping the tour would not be more than a year.

Much to their dismay, shortly after Mr. McFadden left for his tour, Japan bombed Hawaii, which started World War II. June wrote to Howard nearly every day. Sometimes it would take three weeks before Howard would receive her letters.

June felt so lonely because the time for Howard to send replieslove letter to her letters seemed an eternity. She had so much to tell him. After Howard was gone for three months, June started feeling sick to her stomach nearly every morning. The morning sickness went on so long, June felt she should make a doctor’s appointment to see if is was just nerves from worrying about her husband.

June did not believe what the doctor was telling her. How could this be possible; after five years of marriage and nothing but disappointment. Even being so excited at the news, June decided to not tell her husband the good news right away, just in case the doctor was wrong.

As time wtwin boys 1ent on, June’s doctor informed her that she was definitely expecting a baby. Not just one, but two!

June now sent a long letter to Howard telling him of the news and when they were due! However, before Howard could get a furlough, the identical twin boys were born. At five months old, Howard sent word to June that he would get a one-week furlough and at that time both parents would be involved in naming the babies. Howard was as excited as June. The boys would soon think their names were first and second if they were not called by their future given names!

After much consultation dealing with names, they decided on naming the first-born Casper and the second one Connor, names that were not already in the family. Howard could not have his arms empty, always holding one or the other, not knowing when he would be able to see them again because of the expanding war.

The night before Howard was to report back to duty, Howard and June sat up nearly all night discussing a move to a state where the boys would be able to get a good education. They also wanted enough land so the boys could run and play, climb hills and trees, play in creeks, camp in the wild and learn survivor skills. June was anxious to get started on a house-hunting project.

Tensions caused by the war news were not helping the nervousness June was feeling. The boys were nearly four years old and could not remember anything about their father because of their young age when he saw them. They were asking lots of questions. “Do we have a daddy?” they asked.WWII-soldier-portrait-frame“Where is he?” “What does he look like?” “When will he be coming home?” June would always get pictures to show the boys and tell them how proud he was of them. Soon their father was not talked about for some time because they were kept busy going with their mom to look for new places to live.

June and the boys traveled every week-end to some northern states that have small towns with a low population to look for land with a house that was for sale. When they came to a lovely small town named Mosquitoville in Michigan, they found an older house that had been well kept with ten acres of land. After walking the land and checking the house for any damage, they all agreed it was what they wanted during the time their father was still in the Army. The land included a small running creek to the back of the property and lots of trees. June could already envision a tree house and a fort. Perhaps in a year or two they could get a small piece of ground readied for a garden. The boys were always ready to learn new things.

After signing papers, getting the loan, and informing the twin’s dad, the time for the move would take another six weeks. Everyone was excited, so the boys helped with packing their belongings.

On the day of the move, June made the boys promise they would never go to the creek without one of the parents with them. They promised and also promised one would tell on the other if either disobeyed. The movers came and soon June and the twins were on their way. The trip would take about eight hours. All were overjoyed as they sang all the way there. The twins could hardly wait to explore what awaited them! The boys kept making up things they would tell their father the next time he could get home. Then they would show him the many trees with the tree house and fort that would be built before winter; then of course, they would show him the water hole, as they called it.

When the furniture arrived at the new house, June instructed the twins to put their clothes away, make the beds, as well as they could, and put their toys in the room next to theirs. After they finished, June gave them boundaries as to where they could ride their trikes. There was a drive beside the house that ran to the end of the property. They could only go a short way down the drive and then turn back toward the house. June went with them the first time so she could mark the turn-a-round point with a block. What fun they were already having! June stood watching them with a big smile feeling good that now she did not have to worry about any city traffic.

During the next month the mornings were cooler, so, while June was busy getting furniture placed where she wanted it, she had the boys entertain themselves in the play room. She couldn’t take a chance on the boys getting a cough.

Noon time came: then lunch. Afterwards the boys were allowed to play outside. This was always the most fun time for them because they had so much space to run and play cowboys and Indians, play ball, play with cars and trucks or almost anything their little minds could think of.

family-picnis1On July 10th the twins turned five. They didn’t know enough children to have a birthday party so June planned a picnic lunch, then took them to the twins water holewater hole for a few hours. June let the twins put on their swim suits so they planned to get their feet wet by wading and kicking the water for about an hour. They got their mom to take off her shoes and tie up her dress to join them. What a fun time they all had! After lunch, the twins were getting tired so June insisted they return to the house.

The following day, June had to make arrangements to get the twins enrolled in pre-school. She had never spoken of going to school so she had them to sit and listen about joining other children their age and learning to read, write, and many other things. She called the school the following morning to see what they needed to do to get the twins enrolled. She took the twins the very next day to enroll bus 2 They were looking forward to the bus rides when school started and meeting other children. They weren’t so excited about going to the doctor and getting the necessary shots!

The newest letter from Mr. McFadden told of possibly getting a furlough near the end of September. That sent them all into a story telling event as to what they would be telling their father. School and their father coming for a visit. OH BOY! That would be better than Christmas!

On August 21, they started the first day of school. The twins were thrilled about getting on a school bus. They were seated together and were shown how to operate the seat belts.

In the class room they first, saluted the American flag. They had already learned the pledge. That was one thing their father wanted June to teach them. They heard many stories about what the flag meant to their father. Next, they had name tags pinned on their clothing and were taught how to pronounce all the other children’s names.

It was near the end of August and warm weather would soon be too cool to go to the water hole so the twins talked their mom into taking them on one more fun day before winter. The twins ran ahead so their mom had to call out to them to slow down and wait for her. They were so happy and laughing out-loud that they failed to hear her. It was a bit slick where they always went in because it had rained two days before. Casper could not stop in time, slipped into the water and hit his head on a rock. He did not get up. Connor ran for his mom, screaming, which his mom could not understand. By the time June and Connor got to the water, Casper was drowned. June tried to get him to breath but to no avail. She scooped him up into her arms and carried him back to the house, sobbing all the way.

Placing Casper on the floor, she then called for an ambulance. He was pronounced dead by the medical team who then took him away.  June does not remember how she coped with the disaster, but she did know that Connor needed to be reassured that the accident was not his fault. Connor, with his little mind, was in such shock because he was sure that he could have saved his brother. She had to contact Mr. McFadden and make funeral arrangements. Howard got a quick emergency leave and left the next day to come home for the family and his son’s funeral.

plane wreckAfter being in air for one-hour, enemy fire brought down Howard’s plane and he died instantly. What a double heartache for June and Connor! June got through that tragedy with the help of the Army and Connor. She had to continually be aware of how Connor was feeling, therefore, June included Connor in all the funeral arrangements.

June expressed to Connor how she would like to have a double funeral. She thought both she and Connor would have less pain that way. They decided to have them buried side by side in the small cemetery at the edge of town. Connor thought it was wonderful to have them nearby.

casper looks at brotherJune and Connor found life very odd and lonely as Connor had never been without Casper. Nightly, Connor would talk to Casper and tell him of his day, and the rest of the night Connor dreamed of Casper.

One morning, not long after the funerals, June set two bowls of cereal at the breakfast table. Not noticing what she had done, Connor told her it was alright because Casper was always with him. Then he told his mom how he always dreamed of Casper. Then Connor said, “You know something, Mom, most of the time I think I’m not dreaming and some-casper in cemetery sad

flag with soldier

thing else, Casper told me he met our father in the cemetery.” June was shocked at Connor’s remark because she, also, was having some of the same thoughts at night.

Connor asked his mom if any of this was possible? June  told Connor, “If you want it to be then it probably is real. You know, Connor, sometimes all you have to do is believe!”

Fiction Author: C.G.Rose     2226 Words

Color the Stripes Gone

Now that my three grown children have made use of their wings, I wondered if I could afford to replace some of my older furniture. “I could certainly use a new couch.” I thought.

“Oooh, That’s pretty.” I remarked to myself as I gawked at the different white sections through the maze of the department store displays, “I really like that.” “May I show you anything in particular?” quipped the sales clerk. Speechless, I pointed toward the sectional, then led the way. He followed obediently as though I had him leashed. Delivery would take place in three days.

Guilt riddled my body every time I thought of parting with my old couch. It had served my family for the past eleven years; above and beyond the call of most furniture. If it could talk, what would it say? “I nearly drowned several times from spilled sodas; nearly strangled on kernels of popcorn and could have suffocated more times than not from the oil in all the potato chips scrunched in my welts.”I once held my arms as straight as Cupid’s arrow; once held my back as sturdy and staunch as a soldier”.

“Once I had legs that would have put Betty Grable to shame. I never kicked back, cried out, or ran for cover when the pets clawed, chewed, or hiked a leg. I never faltered when bed pillows were thrust upon me, with bodies thrashing around, as if in a plane during a turbulent storm, sometimes stretching my seams as taunt as a birth canal. I was as vulnerable and helpless as the throat of a new-born yak is to a hungry lioness, as I received your punches, jumps and lunges. I gave comfort as I cradled my over-sized pillows around family members even when I was punched in the middle and yanked on my corners being as defenseless as if in the ring with Mohammed Ali.”

The brown, gold, and green stripes had been so pleasing to the eye at the time of purchase. All the pieces welcomed each and every house guest, made them feel at home as it seemed to snuggle a warm ‘hello’ as its soft body embraced them.

I wondered what secrets it would hold back? Would it dare tell me the real story of the one afternoon I arrived home early from work and caught my youngest daughter with her male friend in an interlude? I felt sure that I had just saved her…her…my sanity!  That couch had served as a cross between Mr. Rogers and Madonna.

The delivery truck seemed to overflow my driveway as a river does its bank during heavy rains.

With the proper attire, the two delivery men could easily have posed as an entire chain lg white couch  gang. “What the HECK?  Are these the right ones?” I questioned eyeing the mammoth new pieces. “If this address is 444 Main Street, then it’s yours, Ma’me.”  “Does it look like what you paid for?” growled the man. All I could do was nod.

The used pieces had to be taken from the house first. They were placed along the edge of the lawn near the street to wait for permanent disposal, although I had failed to make the final arrangements for that service. I would later. The new pieces would go in the same places as the old furniture except the new pieces were gargantious!

heart couch

I looked around. Pride loomed within. This was the first large purchase I had made by myself since my husband and I divorced and the children had left the nest. I felt successful!

Guilt clutched my heart once again as I caught a glimpse of the old furniture. They had been there for nearly three hours; lined along the road, as if waiting for an execution.

chair foot stool






An idea struck me. The sign read:

STRONG BOTTOM, STURDY BACK, NEEDS TLC, FREE TO GOOD HOME. Within forty-five minutes I had bid farewell to the final piece.

Author: C.G.Rose                                                                                                        668 Words




The Old Homestead

My grandparents were old people who lived in an even older house. Grandparents are supposed to be old, but mine were older than usual since I was a late-in-life baby. Their house had been a schoolhouse in the 1880’s. It was put together with wooden slats and pegs. It had white clapboard with dark green shutters. During a storm, the shutters would flap and bang against the house and it surly always scared the donkey doo out of me every time.

That old house had needed painting for many years. One day, Granddad would get it done. He always waited to do his work until he felt it was time, otherwise, things never seemed to end up as he had wanted. Some of the surrounding trees were over one hundred years old. It was a wonder some of the old branches hadn’t come crashing onto the roof during one of the wind storms. Overtime, many of the trees had to be cut down, some fell during storms and some just rotted away, then had to be downed because of the danger they could cause.

The school house was built on a 100-acre piece of land. When Granddad bought the place, they had to do some remodeling to make it into a livable home. They wanted a large family. As time went on and no more babies came, Granddad started selling 10 acres at a time.

They raised their only child, Phyllis, there. They allowed their daughter to take the second story and make it her own. When Phyllis turned 34, she married Sanford and the two of them then made the second story into their home. It was plenty big enough to include a baby. So, there I was, born and raised in that big old house. There were lots of trees  to  climb plus many branches were strong enough to put swings. Yes, I had to have two; one for me and one for my dolly.2wood-tree-swing.jpg

From the front porch swing, Granny and I would watch the neighborhood live their lives. It seemed as though someone was always going by honking or waving. Granny had more friends than anyone I have ever known. She was quite the social butterfly. She had joined all the women’s clubs, plus, we must not forget church twice a week.

On Sundays, Granny would get really doozied up to show off her new red dress or Carmen Miranda hat. It was always a showdown to see if Granny could outdo the town’s floozy. At least everyone stayed awake during the service. They had to see the rolling eyes, head nods and pointing fingers.

Then of course, Granny always made the sweets for the Wednesday night church suppers. Her family doctor told her that if sweets were alcohol she would be the biggest drunk in town. Granny loved the attention and took it as a compliment!

Granddad was one of the best carpenters around so he was hired to manage nearly every project in the county for a month at a time. So, when Granddad had to be out of town, Granny would throw a dance party. All the rugs would be rolled up and the floor would have powder sprinkled on them to make them slick. Nearly everyone knew how to shake a leg and do the Charleston. Granddad thought all of this was nonsense. He knew how Granny loved this so he never spoke against it.

When a smaller group of people came and Granddad didn’t care for someone who tried

to start up a conservation, he would sneak out of the house and go to his work shed. He had every tool available at the time. He needed them for work plus he had to remodel that old house. Tools were priceless back in those days.

Plumbing was the hardest. The pipes were made of metal and had to be cut and fitted at the joints. The one thing he had to get help with was putting in the indoor plumbing. Oh! what a relief that was! Imagine today with outside toilets and pumping water with a handle. It took a week for Granddad to tell me that whole story because he would pause after nearly every sentence, as he took off his hat, scratched his head, and thought back to those hard days.

Granddad lived to be 98; Granny to 95. Both their funerals brought in all the townspeople. If only they could have seen what a good time was had afterwards, it would have put a smile on Granny’s face, but if Granddad could have seen all the people, he would have thought, “What’s all the fuss about!”

Soon afterwards, my parents and I moved closer to town and never looked back. It was as if it were a fallen rose petal.

Fiction Author: C.G.Rose

We won’t ever Dance again!

When the music plays,                   Now you’re in your place.

And I start to sway,                          And I’m in mine.

I close my eyes,                                 Mend this heart,

I just pretend.                                   Not with tattered lace.

I call out your name                        Tear down this gate,

Oh, Lord,                                            To a world of ache,

Let the healing begin                       So then, My Love,

Cause, Baby,                                      The healing can begin.

We won’t ever dance again           Cause, Baby,

If I were God……                               We won’t ever dance again

I’d bring you back.                           When the storm of the day,

Cause, Baby, You know,                   Has but all blown away,

I’m not that rock,                             There’s a place I go,

You always marveled in.                Out near the bay.

Show me how,                                   It’s a funny thing, Baby,

The healing begins.                         How the healing begins.

Cause, Baby,                                      Cause, Baby, I know,

We won’t ever dance again.           We won’t ever dance again.


When the chips are all down,

And there’s no one around,

I picture your face.

Listen for sounds.                                               BETTER TO HAVE

I just want,                                                            LOVE AND LOST

I need the healing to begin.                                    THAN TO

Cause, Baby,                                                            NEVER HAVE

We won’t ever dance again.                                LOVED AT ALL





Poem by C.G. Rose


Moonbeam’s Sparkle

I lumbered heavily on the dusty plain as I swayed my trunk in the heavy sultry wind. I wished the time for delivery would soon be near. Suddenly a clap of thunder jolted me into a stumbling gait bringing on the birth of my baby. “Oh, dear, it’s a girl. Now what shall I name a girl?” I asked myself. “She has all her toes, a tail, and two big ears. But, the size of her trunk is just too large to be on a girl!” I said under my breath.

elefant runs.jpgBefore I could possibly explain to her the dangers of living in the wild, a bolt of lightning started a brush fire. Fearing for my baby’s safety, I yelled as loud as I could with instructions for her to follow me. Not understanding me and in all the confusion, my precious little newborn, with her legs, weak and wobbly, was running toward the danger.

When I caught up with her, my eyes could not believe what I was seeing. My little one, with her oversized trunk, had staggered to a nearby waterhole. There she suddenly stopped and scooped up a full twenty gallons of water and struggled to put out the blaze before it could become a raging fire. At that very moment my little girl became a heroine to the entire herd.

Out of the clear one of the elders shouted, “What a spark of joy you have brought to your family!” “That’s it! That’s it!” I exclaimed as I proudly turned to my daughter. “I will name you Sparkle!”


As Sparkle’s mother, Moonbeam, was growing older and needed to be looked after, Sparkle had disappeared. The entire herd looked for her many days but there was no sign of Sparkle anywhere. Soon the herd had to move on to better grazing land and water holes before the water dried into crusty, cracked land.

The elder male said to Moonbeam, “Why don’t you send for your daughter before you take the final journey? I’m sure she had her reason for leaving her family. After all, she knew we grew to depend on her so much for our safety and welfare.”  “I know, I will do just that. Please send for our fastest messenger immediately!” exclaimed Moonbeam.




“Mama, Mama!” cried Sparkle as she knelt by her mother’s side. “Can you ever forgive me for leaving you without letting you know why or where I was?”

“My child,” whispered Moonbeam, “you could do no wrong in my eyes, but tell me,   Sparkle, who are these young bulls with you?” “Oh Mama, these are my twin sons. Farres, with his large  nose, has inherited my abilities and has done much good for his family. And this is Farkle, with the extra large tusks. The two have worked very closely together helping all elephant-kind. But tell me, Mama, what has happened to you?”twin sons.jpg

“Sparkle, I cannot tell you how much we are all pleased to have you return to your family. We need your help desperately. And now with my grandbulls, Farres and Farkle, I’m sure we will get some relief from the poachers.”

“Poachers! you say! Mama, don’t tell me you were harmed by a stray bullet.”

“Not exactly a stray, my child. They had to take me down because I wouldn’t move. You see, Sparkle, I was protecting your father.  It was his ivory they wanted.”

“Mama, where is Father?”

“Oh No! They’re back! Farkle is down! Everybody run for safety!” screamed Mama      downed elephant.jpgwith her last breath. As Sparkle nuzzled her mother’s cheek one last time, she whispered in her ear, “Mama, I won’t let you down. Hang in there. I’ll be back.” And to her son she said, “Come, Farres, come with me! Farkle is only grazed. He will be up and about in a few days. We will teach those poachers a lesson they won’t ever forget!”





































Fiction Author:  C.G.Rose

January 2018

2017 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

It sure wasn’t cold last winter. It was dammed hot this past summer. Then the rain came.  God is good! In May I received my state license to operate the Adult Family Care Home which I named Rose Moments.

God is good!

I purchased a recumbent bike last year for my birthday and one year later I had never rode it.  My daughter took it home with her in June. Months later she had not been on it so it came back to me. I offered her a very good deal on it which she accepted. I purchased another bike which I can manage.  Bikes and God are good!

Because of so much rain, the un-wanted house guest cometh. Didn’t take long to know why Carli (my Yorkie home alarm system) kept barking for two nights. When I would go to her, all was quiet in the laundry room. I didn’t hear a thing. I would have thought it might be a man coming through the only open window and by golly I sure didn’t want to whale the crap out of a creep in the middle of the night.  Pepper spray and God are good!

So how does a detective find a rat?  Three days later I had the answer. He sniffs it out!  I looked behind floor to ceiling stacked boxes filled with not-needed and not-wanted collection of junk over the years. I couldn’t see anything while continuously being slapped silly by the repulsive stench. You guessed it!  Man, I have a dead rat in the utility room! Are you smelling it yet???  I’ve been good too, Santa!

I decided I’d had enough of that half-way pushing the self-propelled lawn mower. For three days after I mowed, I would walk like a twisted pretzel. Old people (especially old women who have had back surgery) don’t recoup so fast. Sooooo, for my next birthday I purchased a John Deere tractor. Tractors and God are good!

At first I was sure I’d gone rodeo warp-time! It was like a wild-bucking-bull – it was worse than learning to drive a standard shift – at least the front of the car wouldn’t rear its ugly head and snort! Sometimes it was so bad my hands would fly off the wheel and I’d come crashing down on a lawn chair or whatever I was near. It was really terrifying! I learned to pray in a whole new way! I didn’t lose leg or limb so God is good!

I got out the instruction book to see if lessons came with it.  All I read was >could be dangerous to your health,

(I was totally convinced of that) >don’t call us if you don’t know how to drive a clutch/brake combination,

(with that standard shift, I recall the brake on the right and clutch on the left). Thank goodness I have paid-up life insurance.  I gave into investing a small fortune for lessons from the man who had been mowing for me when my arthritic hands wouldn’t close around that push mower’s handles. He realized he wouldn’t be needed anymore so I did lose an arm and leg in the amount he charged. I still eat. God is good!

Went for my annual. Told Dr. I was still taking vitamins……….. she looked at my hands and said, they’re orange!  Are you taking a lot of carotene?  I laughed and told her I was drinking a lot of carrot juice.  Dr laughed and said, “I can tell”, then looked at my arms and legs. They had a nice ‘kissed by the sun’ glow. We were both laughing like school girls. I asked her, “Will it harm me?”  No, you will just have people telling you that you are orange and should have your liver checked!!!  I’m still enjoying my carrot-nog!  I’m still orange. You are what you eat!  God is good.

May you be blessed by the warmth of the sun, cleansed by the rain and have your hair combed by the wind this coming year.  Love and God Bless each and every one as I know God is good!  Colletta 2017