Moonbeam’s Sparkle

I lumbered heavily on the dusty plain as I swayed my trunk in the heavy sultry wind. I wished the time for delivery would soon be near. Suddenly a clap of thunder jolted me into a stumbling gait bringing on the birth of my baby. “Oh, dear, it’s a girl. Now what shall I name a girl?” I asked myself. “She has all her toes, a tail, and two big ears. But, the size of her trunk is just too large to be on a girl!” I said under my breath.

elefant runs.jpgBefore I could possibly explain to her the dangers of living in the wild, a bolt of lightning started a brush fire. Fearing for my baby’s safety, I yelled as loud as I could with instructions for her to follow me. Not understanding me and in all the confusion, my precious little newborn, with her legs, weak and wobbly, was running toward the danger.

When I caught up with her, my eyes could not believe what I was seeing. My little one, with her oversized trunk, had staggered to a nearby waterhole. There she suddenly stopped and scooped up a full twenty gallons of water and struggled to put out the blaze before it could become a raging fire. At that very moment my little girl became a heroine to the entire herd.

Out of the clear one of the elders shouted, “What a spark of joy you have brought to your family!” “That’s it! That’s it!” I exclaimed as I proudly turned to my daughter. “I will name you Sparkle!”


As Sparkle’s mother, Moonbeam, was growing older and needed to be looked after, Sparkle had disappeared. The entire herd looked for her many days but there was no sign of Sparkle anywhere. Soon the herd had to move on to better grazing land and water holes before the water dried into crusty, cracked land.

The elder male said to Moonbeam, “Why don’t you send for your daughter before you take the final journey? I’m sure she had her reason for leaving her family. After all, she knew we grew to depend on her so much for our safety and welfare.”  “I know, I will do just that. Please send for our fastest messenger immediately!” exclaimed Moonbeam.




“Mama, Mama!” cried Sparkle as she knelt by her mother’s side. “Can you ever forgive me for leaving you without letting you know why or where I was?”

“My child,” whispered Moonbeam, “you could do no wrong in my eyes, but tell me,   Sparkle, who are these young bulls with you?” “Oh Mama, these are my twin sons. Farres, with his large  nose, has inherited my abilities and has done much good for his family. And this is Farkle, with the extra large tusks. The two have worked very closely together helping all elephant-kind. But tell me, Mama, what has happened to you?”twin sons.jpg

“Sparkle, I cannot tell you how much we are all pleased to have you return to your family. We need your help desperately. And now with my grandbulls, Farres and Farkle, I’m sure we will get some relief from the poachers.”

“Poachers! you say! Mama, don’t tell me you were harmed by a stray bullet.”

“Not exactly a stray, my child. They had to take me down because I wouldn’t move. You see, Sparkle, I was protecting your father.  It was his ivory they wanted.”

“Mama, where is Father?”

“Oh No! They’re back! Farkle is down! Everybody run for safety!” screamed Mama      downed elephant.jpgwith her last breath. As Sparkle nuzzled her mother’s cheek one last time, she whispered in her ear, “Mama, I won’t let you down. Hang in there. I’ll be back.” And to her son she said, “Come, Farres, come with me! Farkle is only grazed. He will be up and about in a few days. We will teach those poachers a lesson they won’t ever forget!”





































Fiction Author:  C.G.Rose

January 2018

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