We won’t ever Dance again!

When the music plays,                   Now you’re in your place.

And I start to sway,                          And I’m in mine.

I close my eyes,                                 Mend this heart,

I just pretend.                                   Not with tattered lace.

I call out your name                        Tear down this gate,

Oh, Lord,                                            To a world of ache,

Let the healing begin                       So then, My Love,

Cause, Baby,                                      The healing can begin.

We won’t ever dance again           Cause, Baby,

If I were God……                               We won’t ever dance again

I’d bring you back.                           When the storm of the day,

Cause, Baby, You know,                   Has but all blown away,

I’m not that rock,                             There’s a place I go,

You always marveled in.                Out near the bay.

Show me how,                                   It’s a funny thing, Baby,

The healing begins.                         How the healing begins.

Cause, Baby,                                      Cause, Baby, I know,

We won’t ever dance again.           We won’t ever dance again.


When the chips are all down,

And there’s no one around,

I picture your face.

Listen for sounds.                                               BETTER TO HAVE

I just want,                                                            LOVE AND LOST

I need the healing to begin.                                    THAN TO

Cause, Baby,                                                            NEVER HAVE

We won’t ever dance again.                                LOVED AT ALL





Poem by C.G. Rose


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