Faceless in the Mirror

The first wedding I was in, I was only three. A beauty, they all said of me. I just looked up and smiled. A little flower girl in a puffy dress of which most attendants knew me. The ladies whom I knew received a hand delivered petal. The ladies thanked me and giggled. The other ladies had to pick one off the floor. They thought nothing of it if they did not get one.

flower girl 3My parents gave me everything I wanted. We were not a family of means but I was an only child. They put me in dance class, piano, and acting classes.  My favorite daily wear was jeans and a shirt with holes so getting dirty with my friends never bothered my parents. One of my friend’s parents had a farm with all kinds of animals. My favorites were the pigs and chickens.

I never met a stranger. That was good for me because my first job was waitressing. Sweet smiles and friendly hellos brought in better tips.  My parents didn’t want me to work but before I graduated high school but I wanted a little work experience. I promised it would be only during the summer break. The three months went really fast. I had saved $712.00 for future college costs.

During my freshman year in high school, I became interested in fashion designing. My mom had taught me how to sew when I was in my teens. In my senior year I entered some designs of women’s clothing in a contest. Some of mine were chosen so the company wanted me to draw twenty more and bring at least two already made to New York by the end of my senior year. That kept me busy. My mother would be going with me. She was so very proud of me but I felt that I was the lucky one to be their daughter.

I designed and made a one-of-a-kind prom gown. I would smile and thank my school mates for their compliments. All my clothes for my senior trip were also handmade but looked like purchases from the high-priced store.

I used all my spare time to work on my drawings between my studies in my senior year. I could travel the world once I got my business started. I wanted my studies to make my parents proud.

I was also interested in architect.  In a way they both went together since they were both designing. One of cloth and the other of lots of visions with pencil and paper.  Wood, and other building materials would come later. I also loved looking through books with so many different buildings, theaters, etc.

I wasn’t interested in boys when I was in college even though 99% of the students in the architect class were men. After two years in that class, a new student started his third year and something happened. He was very smart and he helped me with a few angles on one of my projects.  He told me his father was a carpenter and taught him how to read a ruler and how to figure how big a building should be to make it work for its intended use.

I found Charles very comfortable to talk with or to hang around. He was always a gentleman. We started out just going to the park and chatting. Sometimes an ice cream cone on a warm evening was enjoyed. Over time we both got our architect credentials and got our diplomas at UCLA.

As time went on Charles and I continued to date. Soon Charles and I decided the time was right for us to get married so we could start out together with our business and life. For business purposes, Carrie decided to keep her maiden name.

Carrie had a girlfriend, Donna, from her high school days who already had earned her architect degree and was looking for someone to go into business with her as it was too much for one person. Carrie and Charles talked it over and decided it would work after the terms for partnership were discussed.

Donna had been engaged to marry Tom, a long-time boyfriend, but she found he was not faithful nor would he be faithful in the business.  Donna was hurt but felt it best to call off their wedding plans and exclude him from any business deals. Tom was very angry with Donna and vowed to get even with her.

Tom hired a person to throw acid into the face of Donna. As Carrie and Donna were standing near the entrance to one of Donna’s building, the person with the acid threw the acid into the face of Carrie by mistake. Carrie’s face was scared forever. After lots of healing and surgeries, Carrie could see dark figures and perhaps Carrie could get transplants one day. Her face most likely would stay scared all her life.

Charles insisted they continue with their plans to be married, not because he felt sorry for Carrie, rather because he loved her so much.

In the believe that God is a part of everything beautiful, Charles and Carrie invite you to witness their union, hand in hand for their wedding vows.

Carrie says to Charles. In my mirror I see not me. Please look at me, what do you see? When I look I see not, I feel, I cry. Is that what you see in me?

My precious wife. Your mirror shows me what you used to be. I will always love you till death do us part.


Fiction Author: C.G.Rose       937 Words

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