The Woods talk to Amelia

woman in woods

Amelia has always been strange. She was taken to a Mystic many times as a child.  She told the (fake) doctor her imaginary friend played with her but it told her to do many bad things. Her parents never knew or understood Amelia as a child. She was always doing unnatural things. Once she loved her puppy so much that she squeezed it to death. She sobbed terribly because the puppy died but did not know what caused the puppy’s death. She refused to believe it was her fault.

Amelia had seizures since birth.  Each one lasted nearly twenty-four hours. It was terrifying to her parents. As soon as Amelia would come to, she started acting strange.  Spitting on and licking her toys, she would then poke her dolly’s eyes out.  Her parents loved her but did wonder how long they could keep her at home. They spoke of having three children when they knew they would be married. However now, they did not chance having another child.

When Amelia stared into the night, she would make noises, somewhat like wild animals. When she got into her teen years, she started going into the woods. Her parents never understood why she would go there because to them the woods looked haunted.  Sunlight seldom filtered through the branches making the area to always look dark. They never questioned her as they figured the woods brought Amelia happiness. She always had a smile on her face after visiting the woods.

Amelia always did very good in her school grades throughout her twelve years. The only friends she had were new kids. The friendships never lasted long after Amelia treated them to a visit into her special wooded area.

Amelia never cared for boys. At the age of twenty-three she met a young man in the town square. They locked eyes and they both knew at that very moment what love felt like. That very day Amelia invited the young man to go for a walk in her woods. He hesitated but she was persistent. Off they went and he too found the woods enchanting. Soon he thought he saw someone behind a group of trees. He said nothing.

Amelia asked the young man his name. Before the young man could answer, Amelia said to the young man, “did you hear that?”   “No. I didn’t hear anything.”  She looked him in his eyes and said, “your name is Bill.”

You could see the fear in Bill’s eyes. He turned and ran as fast as he could out of the woods. Amelia never saw him again.

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